Decisions That Will Define Your Marriage

Decisions That Will Define Your Marriage By: Mary May Larmoyeux How we answered these questions set the direction and foundation for our married life. Even after four decades of marriage, I still find myself asking, Why did Jim and I … Continue reading Decisions That Will Define Your Marriage

Marriage Killers

Marriage Killers By: Kevin Martineau Yesterday I came across an interesting article in the Vancouver Sun that listed the top 10 marriage killers.  The results came out of highly unscientific study that included academics, counselors, men and women who had themselves been … Continue reading Marriage Killers

Fireproof Your Marriage

Fireproof Your Marriage Fireproof is about one man’s story to save his marriage.  It is a powerful story worth seeing. In the movie the lead character, played by Kirk Cameron, realizes that his marriage is on the brink of divorce.  He … Continue reading Fireproof Your Marriage