Being A Better Husband

Being A Better Husband

By: Derek Semmler

Last night my wife and I had a nice conversation where she expressed her feelings to me that she needs me to help out more around the house. Lately she has been feeling like she has to keep the house running by herself as I have not been involved in helping with the household cleaning or cooking.

As we talked, I realized that I have really been taking all of her work around the house for granted and have been slacking on my responsibilities. Throughout the first four months of the year I was working a good deal of overtime and have been consuming a good deal of time with my two blogs but that is not an excuse.

While I will be making the effort to share more of the household responsibilities, I also realized that I need to make more of an effort to be a better husband to my terrific wife. My wife is an outstanding woman and I admit that I do not always do the best job of expressing that to her.

What Husband Means To Me

As I work on doing more of the cleaning and cooking, even after my near disaster, I have been thinking of how I can be a better husband. I thought I would do something a little fun to explore what being a better husband means to me:

Helping Hand

With too much of my time being consumed with work and blogging, I need to make more of an effort to help my wife with things around the house. My wife teaches preschool and with her being home earlier during the year and throughout the summer, I have been guilty of expecting her to keep the house running. She cannot and should not do it alone.


There are times when something worries or upsets my wife and I do not provide her with the support and understanding she needs. Often times I will make a comment such as “Honey, don’t worry about it” and that gives the impression that her worries are not a big deal to me. When my wife is upset or worried, I need to share that with her and listen to her feelings.


My wife is truly a special woman and I need to be better about making her feel special. She never puts herself first in our household so I need to go out of my way to do things for her so she knows how special she is to me.

Best Friend

We have been together for many years now when you consider our time dating and the (nearly) 8 years that we have now been married. Over all of those years my wife has been my best friend but sometimes I take that for granted and lose sight of the true meaning. I need to make sure that my wife knows she is my best friend every day and my actions need to support that.


Something that I really need to be better about is anticipating what my wife needs before she has to ask me. She should not have to ask me to clean the bathrooms or cook dinner on a night she has a meeting.

Never-Ending Love

Since my wife and I have been together, I have never been the type of person that expresses my feelings very openly but I love her with all of my heart. I will cherish my wife and express my never-ending love for her.

Date Night

Since we have had kids, we do not have too many nights out without the kids in tow. I need to coordinate a babysitter and schedule a regular date night with my wife. With our kids’ schedule of practices, games, camps and many other appointments, it can be difficult to get time together but that is no excuse. We need to share some special kid-free time together away from the house.


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