Understand Your Wife

Understand Your Wife

By: Joe Michaels

Accept Her Emotions

Women are created as relational beings and often seem emotional. Accept her the way she is. Instead of squelching her feelings, try to understand and help her.

Give Her Your “All Ears”

Listening to her wholeheartedly is the best thing you can do. Don’t come to a conclusion or hurry to solve her problem. She just needs a listening ear most of the time. When you make decisions, let her know that her opinion matters too. Make sure to give her your attention while she speaks, without interrupting.

Don’t Give Advice When She Shares

When your wife shares with you an issue or something that is bothering her, don’t be quick to give advice nor offer solutions. It can lead to more problems. Just listen to her till the end. Let her resolve her issues. If she asks you for an answer or advice, then you can go ahead and speak up. If she seems confused, you can help her discover a solution by asking her a few questions. But, remember not to pounce on her with solutions and advice.

Show Her Affection in Nonsexual Ways

When you use sex as the only physical touch to build your intimacy, she can feel used by you. Learn to show her love and affection in other ways like holding hands, hugging, etc. These actions will let her know that you love her for who she is. Making this a regular habit will enable her to respond well when you want to make love.

Talk to Her

Though men spell intimacy as S-E-X, women spell intimacy as T-A-L-K. Make time to just sit and talk. Get to know what’s going on in her mind. Tell her about what’s happening at work. Don’t hold anything back. The more openness between you both, the less chance of getting into marital issues.

Anticipate Her Hormonal Changes

When she is moody, don’t get scared. Remember that she has hormonal changes every month. These changes affect her emotions. Talk to her about these changes and anticipate them, so you can deal with her emotions the right way.

Make Her Your Priority

Yes, your career is important but not more than your wife. Make her your priority. Keep some energy left at the end of the day, so you get to spend some time with her. This will build love and trust in your relationship. Bringing you closer to each other.

Be Her Best Friend

Encourage her friendships and bondings with other women. Let her go out with her female friends once in a while to get recharged. Did you know female bonding develops emotional buoyancy for women as a whole?

Protect Your Relationship

Keep your emotional connect with each other strong so that she doesn’t have to get it from another man. Try to avoid sharing your personal stories with other women, and keep yourself far from women who flirt around. Let her know you are committed to her and only her. Set clear boundaries with your female friends so that you are not drawn into any physical or emotional affair.

Pursue Romance

Invest time and get to know what your wife loves. Find out what is her idea of being romantic. Try your best to do what is possible for you.

Love Her Dearly

Fall in love with her over and over again. Let her know how much you love her. When she makes mistakes, bring it to her notice with love and forgive her. Just like you, she has shortcomings too. So, handle her gently. Assure her you will never leave her.

Appreciate Her

As a wife, she is packed with work from morning to late night. Look for opportunities to appreciate and encourage her. Your appreciation will help her know that you have noticed her work.


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