Things All Successful Marriages Have

Things All Successful Marriages Have

By Kristi Heart

Are you looking to better your marriage? In order to make your marriage better, you need to ensure your marriage has a few characteristics of other successful marriages. There are a few key things that all wonderful marriages have in common.

5 Things All Successful Marriages Have in Common

Respect – If you don’t respect your spouse then your marriage probably isn’t going to last. You don’t have to agree with every choice your spouse makes but you do need to respect each other.

They Don’t Fight Over Money – Money is one of the number one reasons marriages end up in divorce! It’s never an easy topic to discuss, but it’s something that needs to be discussed. I know that there is usually one spouse that handles the finances and that’s okay! I handle the finances in my household, but I do have discussions with my husband about our bank balance, pending charges, outstanding checks and things that need to be paid soon. He always has a pretty good idea of how much we have in the bank. If either of us are going to make a large purchase (over $100) we discuss it with each other.

I strongly believe that having an open dialogue about money has been huge in our marriage.

They Have Sex – It’s easy to think of sex as one more chore on your list. You’re tired from work, dealing with the kids, cleaning the house and sometimes sex is the last thing you want to think about. Believe me I get it! But you need to figure out a way to make sure sex still plays a big role in your marriage. It doesn’t have to be every day, but a few times a week would be nice.

Trust – This one is pretty simple, you have to trust your spouse! There really isn’t any way around this. Trust that your spouse loves you, thinks you are beautiful, is loyal to you and tries their hardest to make you happy.

Successful marriages put their marriage first

Their Marriages Come First – Successful marriages put their marriage first. Your marriage needs to come before the kids, your job, your hobbies, extended family and any other obligations. Make time for regular date nights and find other creative ways to sneak in some quality time. Your spouse was there before your kids and will be there long after your kids move out.


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