Romantic Renewal for Married Couples

Romantic Renewal for Married Couples

By Grace Chen

Let’s face it. No matter how much in love we are when we wed our significant other, over time passions wane. Romance often takes a backseat to child rearing, work, and maintaining a household. Daily activities eat away at the clock, reducing—or even eliminating—the time couples have to spend alone.

The current economic climate also hinders quality couple time, as more and more spouses become hesitant to spend money on their usual romantic luxuries such as the theater and fine dining.

There are, however, several ways to keep enchantment alive without spending a fortune!

Get a Read on It

A great option for spending romantic time together is to share a book. One mate might select a book of poetry and read aloud to the other. A couple could choose a volume on travel, and discuss the places they dream of visiting. An art book or photography collection could also serve to bring a couple closer. Regardless of subject matter, a shared book brings sweethearts into close proximity, both mentally and physically.

A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine

Picnics are a wonderful way to share time together in an economical way. Pack your own, or find a pre-prepared picnic basket. These days they can be found in a range of designs to meet the needs of almost any couple! From those dedicated to the wine lover to the sets aimed at coffee enthusiasts, picnic baskets are easily portable and available in backpack, tote, and traditional chest styles.

Wine lovers can select a wine picnic pack, which comes complete with stemware service for two. The insulation will keep a favorite vintage chilled, and convenient side pockets hold a bottle opener or corkscrew. Paired with a loaf of bread and a round of cheese, a backpack of this nature is perfect for a starry night on near the shore, or a nearby park or meadow.

Java drinkers can make use of a stylish coffee set, which comes with a waterproof blanket, containers for cream and sugar, a stainless steel thermos, and two insulated mugs.

A more traditional picnic basket model features dishes, flatware, and drink ware for two. Packed with chilled fried chicken, fresh fruit, and iced tea, traditional picnic baskets are a refreshing alternative to heating up the kitchen on a warm summer night.

Unlike a theater ticket or pricey entree, a picnic basket can be used again and again and is a solid investment in a romantic future.

Screen Play

Watching a movie together at home costs less than the theater, and is decidedly more intimate. Although there are many classic love stories, almost any film genre can be romantic. Laughter is a natural tension reliever, and adventurous circumstances have been shown to increase attraction. Paired with low lighting and a shared couch or loveseat, a movie at home can be an intimate experience.

Whether a secret picnic for two, shared book, or cozy movie, the chosen activity should have one primary goal—increasing quality time spent together. Your spouse, and the rest of your family, will thank you for it!

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