Spoil Your Husband

Spoil Your Husband

By: Jen

So often women forget their husbands need or want to be spoiled, too. In society, there is a lot of emphasis on spoiling wives, and not quite as much as spoiling husbands. Nevertheless, husbands need and deserve equal treatment in the romance department. Check out these great ideas to spoil your husband

Men like physical affection. No, this does not mean sex, although most men wouldn’t turn that down. You can show your husband you love him by being physically affectionate to him. Hold his hand, rub his back, play with his hair, and give him long hugs. The physical closeness of the woman he loves will make him feel special and secure in your relationship.

Do little things for him. Actually, putting the food on his plate at dinner, or making him a drink when he’s out in the hot sun, can show him you care about him and want to do things for him. It doesn’t put you in a servant mode, but rather elevates you. Many women don’t simply do things for their husbands “just because.” Make yourself, and your husband, an exception.

Tell him you love him, and mean it. Don’t just say, “I love you.” In the middle of the day, text him and say, “Last night, I heard you singing to the kids as you tucked them in. I love how wonderful you are as a father and husband.” Showing him you notice what he does will make him feel noticed and loved.

Join in on the fun. When he goes outside to play basketball, play with him. If he enjoys fishing, go every now and then. Seeing you try to be interested in things he enjoys is one of the best ways to spoil your man, plus it gives you more binding time.

Be positive. If he’s had a bad day at work, let him vent. Pour him his favorite drink, make him a snack, and encourage him to vent away. Don’t judge and don’t give advice, unless he asks. Just stay positive and remind him why he is a great person and deserves to vent every now and then. Being a happy spot for him will do wonders to cheer him up quickly.

Pick up the tab. Men are expected to pay for everything when on dates or in relationships. Before he can grab the check, pick it up and pay it yourself. Show him that while you appreciate what he does, you can do the same for him, and he is not expected to treat you like a princess while he gets treated like a servant.

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