Marriage – He is with us


by: Michael Fuchs

My name is Michael and I am married to wonderful lady named Sherry. We have three daughters and 10 grandchildren. This is our story and how we survived the challenges that life brings.

Sherry and I have been married since Jan 1, 1994. We both had a previous marriage and were single parents with teenage daughters. We met at the end of Oct 1993 through a Helping Hands program with our church. Two weeks later I ask Sherry to marry me and she said, “yes”. As crazy as it may sound we were married 45 days later. I do not recommend this for anyone … “there are better ways”.

On Jan 1, 1994 Sherry and I blended our families. I married a lady I knew very little about. Sherry’s two daughters and my daughter started to learn how to share … everything. We had to share the bathrooms, bedrooms, food, TV, and the girls even shared their parent they loved with these new people they barely knew.

To say the least, this was interesting! Over the next weeks, months and years I will share how this colliding of lives turned into a roller coaster ride, with up’s and down’s. I will tell about the good, the bad and the ugly. Explaining how crazy times that could have torn this family apart seemed to work for good and strengthen our family.

Every week I will post about things we did to help keep our marriage strong. I will share about the things we did that worked and the things we have tried that don’t work. Sharing the tools we have used to repair broken relationships, to restore trust. sharing about the people that have help us stay between the lines, as we went down the road of life.

I will give you the relationship tools that have been given to us. Explaining how these tools were applied in our marriage relationship and the results. I am attempting to give you a detailed application, which has been given to us, by teachings, trials, successes, perspectives, and insights; from many people that have come and gone in our lives.

This Blog is: Marriage – He is with us

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